Monthly Archives: January 2015

Three Things Thursday #5

Today’s three things finds me in rant mode. It makes me sad when I have to break up with an author, but such is life, so today I bring you three authors I no longer read. Anne Rice Sometime in the early 90s Anne Rice became a thing. You could say it was the Twilight of our time. Interview With The Vampire was the shit and those of us with gothic tendencies ate it up. Louis de Pont du Lac […]

In the Beginning – Part One

Azazel’s unwanted visitor refused to leave. As he stretched out his wings to capture more of the late afternoon sun, he saw her waiting patiently by the gate to his villa. Silent and unmoving, she’d been there since dawn. Even without looking at her, Azazel knew she was bet siir. Angels still connected to the Creator radiated power so palatable it made the humans tending his fields nervous. He smiled to himself. Good thing they couldn’t see the wings. A […]

Three Things Thursday #4

A quick and dirty three things this week. The Sickness has descended upon my household. Even the cat has the sniffles. Whoever is most coherent gets the honor of running to the store to beef up our supplies of soup and toilet paper. Today, that’s me. Here’s the three things I need to get through a cold. Whiskey & Honey I’ve been using this to help me through colds for over a decade. It started back in my single days. […]