Monthly Archives: February 2015

Three Things Thursday #7 – Women in Horror

Hey guys! Bet you thought I forgot about you. Not a chance! February is Women in Horror Month and this week it’s time to give some love to three horror movies directed by women. Sylvia & Jen Soska – American Mary These Canadian twin sisters are a twisted force to be reckoned with. American Mary is my first Soska sisters movie and I can’t wait for more. In American Mary, a broke surgical student stumbles into the dark world of […]

Three Things Thursday #6

Apologies for no Three Things last week. Kissera and Lucifer, stars of the next book in the Awakening series, have been giving me a bit of trouble. We seem to have it all sorted out now. Thanks for your patience! This week, let’s talk about three new TV shows I didn’t expect to like. The Flash As a general rule I stay away from shows on the CW, or as I call it, the “Constant Wangst” channel. I thought the […]