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Three Things Thursday #11 1

This week I welcome spring with a visit by Barbara White Daille, author of romances full of cowboys, kids and humor. Thanks to Akaria for inviting me by today to chat and share Three Things connected to my upcoming contemporary romance series, The Hitching Post Hotel, kicking off on April 1 with The Cowboy’s Little Surprise. People usually ask where writers get their ideas, and this series began with the initial glimmer of an idea:  a matchmaker wanting to find […]

Three Things Thursday #10

I’m baaaaack. Did ya miss me? Special thanks to Margo Bond Collins and Laura Strickland for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed their posts. The weather’s warming up and I’m thinking of upping my game in the kitchen arena. Here are the three tools I can’t live without. Grill Pan Sad to say, this tool is sort of new to me. It wasn’t until I started watching a lot of cooking shows did I realize they sold devices that would […]

Want more? Blood Awakening (Awakening #2) is coming!

Paranormal Love Wednesdays sponsors a sneak peek into the next book of the Awakening saga. The city that never slept was in a coma. Its heart still beat, but its spirit lay in withered, scattered fragments. Every few blocks Kissera saw symbols of life as she floated northwest from Chinatown toward the Hudson. Approaching Times Square, the city regained some of it’s former greatness. Nothing stopped the sensory overload that came with the crossroads of the world. Outside of this […]