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#ThisIsHowINovel – Writing Advice

A few days ago I hung out drinking wine with my good friend Ms. Honeyology. I was about to go to Black Comic Book Festival up in Harlem. We talked about Afro-futurism, writing and a ton of other things that are none of y’alls business. She touched a little of what we talked about on her vlog, Coffee Chat. She also has some thoughts about Angel’s Awakening. Watch more Coffee Chat with Ms. Honeyology on tumblr. Enjoy!

2016 – In Like a Lion

If the current celebrity death toll is any gage, 2016 is gonna be fierce. First, I’d like to pour a little Pinot Noir out for Lemmy, Natalie, David and Alan. Thank you so much for your art, humor and spirit. You will all be missed. Recent losses aside, the personal side of 2016 is looking good. Blood Awakening, book two, is in finally in beta. Writing this damn book has taken three times as long as planned. Plot holes the […]