Celebrating Women In Horror Month #WIHM

These days, horror is pretty much all I watch. And not because of the current dumpster fire of American politics. I’ve been a horror movie fan for years. I love it all. Slasher, monster, psychological, and things in the bowels of Hulu and Netflix that can’t be described. (Side-eyeing you 1313 series) Quality doesn’t matter. … [Read more…]

Blood Awakening Cover Reveal

Here it is people…the cover for Blood Awakening!   After the Incident on Fifty-Seventh Street, humans scattered, demons thrived and the City That Never Sleeps was in a coma. When she asked him for help to find her missing blood donor, Kissera never guessed what Lucifer would demand in return. Amidst the violence of a … [Read more…]

2016 – In Like a Lion

If the current celebrity death toll is any gage, 2016 is gonna be fierce. First, I’d like to pour a little Pinot Noir out for Lemmy, Natalie, David and Alan. Thank you so much for your art, humor and spirit. You will all be missed. Recent losses aside, the personal side of 2016 is looking … [Read more…]