Three Things Thursday #9

Park your ornithopters on the lawn and pull the brakes on your spider tank. Today, Laura Strickland stops by to chat about why she loves writing steampunk romance. Do you believe in love at first word? I do because it happened to me the moment I read my first Steampunk novel. I knew nothing about the genre at the time but I fell quick and hard. Of course, liking to read Steampunk is very different from being able to write […]

Three Things Thursday #8

This week, I’ve put the kettle on and invited some friends over. Pull up a chair and have a cuppa while Margo Bond Collins shares three vampire stories everyone should experience. Usually, when I’m discussing vampires in popular culture, I break them up into categories: vampire films, vampire television shows, vampire novels, and so on.  But really, when I think about my favorite vampire stories, I think across categories—the vampire stories I love, no matter what genre they’re in. So […]

Three Things Thursday #7 – Women in Horror

Hey guys! Bet you thought I forgot about you. Not a chance! February is Women in Horror Month and this week it’s time to give some love to three horror movies directed by women. Sylvia & Jen Soska – American Mary These Canadian twin sisters are a twisted force to be reckoned with. American Mary is my first Soska sisters movie and I can’t wait for more. In American Mary, a broke surgical student stumbles into the dark world of […]