Three Things Thursday #6

Apologies for no Three Things last week. Kissera and Lucifer, stars of the next book in the Awakening series, have been giving me a bit of trouble. We seem to have it all sorted out now. Thanks for your patience! This week, let’s talk about three new TV shows I didn’t expect to like. The Flash As a general rule I stay away from shows on the CW, or as I call it, the “Constant Wangst” channel. I thought the […]

Three Things Thursday #5

Today’s three things finds me in rant mode. It makes me sad when I have to break up with an author, but such is life, so today I bring you three authors I no longer read. Anne Rice Sometime in the early 90s Anne Rice became a thing. You could say it was the Twilight of our time. Interview With The Vampire was the shit and those of us with gothic tendencies ate it up. Louis de Pont du Lac […]