Birth of an Angel 2

Which one should he choose? Remiel rubbed his chin and considered the field of Watchers before him. Every few moments a colorful splash of light sparked within the transparent globes floating through the air. Several dozen broke away from the pack at his telepathic call. The spheres bobbed gently in front of him awaiting instruction. One of them would gain form today, but which one? A tinkle of wings sounded behind him. He turned and smiled. Raguel. “So here’s where […]

So You Want to Make an Ebook (Part 2) 2

By now you’ve turned all those chapters into HTML files. Time to get down to business. Step Six The HTML files you made have been converted to ZIP files. Double click them and the HTML file will appear. You’re going to import those files into Sigil, but first a quick word about this program. Sigil is free and very user friendly. It works on both Windows & Mac operating systems. There’s a simple tutorial that will take you about fifteen […]

So You Want To Make An Ebook 4

Let me start by saying I’m not a very technical person. I know enough to get me into trouble and that’s it. At first, I planned on paying someone to do this, but after spending a little more on the cover and promo graphics than budgeted, I decided to try to do it myself. As an indie publisher, I believe it’s better to learn to do as much as possible for yourself. To those struggling, here’s how I managed to […]