Pro Tips

I first subscribed to The Simple Dollar a few years ago as a much younger woman trying to get her finances in order. Since then, I’ve gotten out of debt, started investing and built a nest egg. It’s not an overnight process, but totally worth it. Being debt free also played into why I decided … [Read more…]

Cute Animal Overload

Mr. Man hangs out on some message board where big, beefy guys and strong, surly women post adorable pictures of cute animals. Most of the time it’s puppies or kittens. Occasionally, there’ll be a sugar glider or hedgehog. The pics are cute, but none grip me for longer than a minute or two. Until I … [Read more…]

Pro Tips

I found this post at Romance University and had to share. RU has been around since 2009 aka forever in internet years. They are an excellent resource for those interested in writing in the Romance genre, or using romance tropes in other genre fiction. Over at RU, Kayelle Allen shares tips for promoting your books. … [Read more…]

Pro Tips

This week I’m lucky to have Sara Jayne Townsend write the inaugural post for a new segment called Pro Tips. Here you’ll get advice from writers for writers, writers at heart, or anyone with a creative spirit. PRAISE VS. CRITICISM: WHY A WRITER NEEDS BOTH by Sara Jayne Townsend My writing group has a reputation … [Read more…]

Three Things Thursday #12

Warmer weather takes us outdoors to spruce up the garden or fire up the grill, but what if your neighbors are Lycan? Kate Baray stops by to share three reasons you don’t want Lycan Neighbors. Lycan might bury dead bodies on your property. But there’s an upside. If they do, they’ll probably dig them up … [Read more…]

Three Things Thursday #11

This week I welcome spring with a visit by Barbara White Daille, author of romances full of cowboys, kids and humor. Thanks to Akaria for inviting me by today to chat and share Three Things connected to my upcoming contemporary romance series, The Hitching Post Hotel, kicking off on April 1 with The Cowboy’s Little … [Read more…]

Three Things Thursday #10

I’m baaaaack. Did ya miss me? Special thanks to Margo Bond Collins and Laura Strickland for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed their posts. The weather’s warming up and I’m thinking of upping my game in the kitchen arena. Here are the three tools I can’t live without. Grill Pan Sad to say, this tool … [Read more…]