Three Things Thursday #8

This week, I’ve put the kettle on and invited some friends over. Pull up a chair and have a cuppa while Margo Bond Collins shares three vampire stories everyone should experience. Usually, when I’m discussing vampires in popular culture, I break them up into categories: vampire films, vampire television shows, vampire novels, and so on.  … [Read more…]

In the Beginning – Part One

Azazel’s unwanted visitor refused to leave. As he stretched out his wings to capture more of the late afternoon sun, he saw her waiting patiently by the gate to his villa. Silent and unmoving, she’d been there since dawn. Even without looking at her, Azazel knew she was bet siir. Angels still connected to the … [Read more…]

Three Things Thursday #4

A quick and dirty three things this week. The Sickness has descended upon my household. Even the cat has the sniffles. Whoever is most coherent gets the honor of running to the store to beef up our supplies of soup and toilet paper. Today, that’s me. Here’s the three things I need to get through … [Read more…]

Three Things Thursday #3

Welcome back to Three Things Thursday! Today I talk about three podcasts that make me laugh, offer interesting facts for research and give me that WTF moment of the day. Double Toasted My husband introduced me to these guys a few years ago. For years they hosted an entertainment podcast that focused on movie reviews … [Read more…]

Three Things Thursday #2

  Welcome back to Three Things Thursday! Today I give a shout out to the three comic book characters who’ve inspired me. Storm Goddess. Queen. Leader. It doesn’t get better than Storm when looking for a woman of color to look up to. She’s an Omega class mutant, one of the most powerful on the … [Read more…]