#ThisIsHowINovel – Character Family Tree

  For the past two days I’ve been constructing a family tree for one of the main characters in book three. I’d already sketched her background, so I thought I’d fill in a few details and be on to the next project. Silly woman. It’s easy to do background on angels, demons and vampires. There are no rules. You can make up anything. Humans? Not so much. When you first meet Angela in Angel’s Awakening, she’s Kissera’s blood donor and […]

Walking Dead: Quit While You’re Ahead

A few days ago, I marathoned the last three episodes and have come to a conclusion. It’s time for the show to end. Relax. Don’t nerd out. Every year since The Season of Arguing on the Porch, the show has gotten consistently better. Sometimes it’s downright amazing. Carol’s arc alone is reason enough to come back each season. I’ve enjoyed watching the Alexandria storyline play out. Who’s the bigger threat? A quarry full of zombies, or the town’s doctor/abusive alcoholic? […]

Can You Ever Go Back? 2

My personality has two modes. Extreme homebody and party girl. The homebody stays home to cook, clean and do writerly things. The party girl is at the bar at midnight on a Tuesday eating wings and drinking all the whiskey. Something about winter brings out the worst of these extremes. I get into a cycle of not leaving the house for over a week, then going out and getting a little wild. Rinse and repeat. It’s this time of year […]