Hard Truths

Even though I’m an indie author, the search continues for a publisher to take on future works. There are a handful companies that have been around for a while that I would love to work with. Entangled Publishing and Lyrical Press are at the top of my list. They offer good contracts, royalties and distribution for their authors. Penner Publishing is a newcomer I’m keeping an eye on. The covers are pretty. The website is geared toward readers. They are […]

Blood Awakening Cover Reveal 2

Here it is people…the cover for Blood Awakening!   After the Incident on Fifty-Seventh Street, humans scattered, demons thrived and the City That Never Sleeps was in a coma. When she asked him for help to find her missing blood donor, Kissera never guessed what Lucifer would demand in return. Amidst the violence of a Netherworld insurrection threatening to spill Earthside, a new love blossoms. Kissera’s got cold steel and an iron resolve on her side, but how far will […]

#ThisIsHowINovel – Character Family Tree

  For the past two days I’ve been constructing a family tree for one of the main characters in book three. I’d already sketched her background, so I thought I’d fill in a few details and be on to the next project. Silly woman. It’s easy to do background on angels, demons and vampires. There are no rules. You can make up anything. Humans? Not so much. When you first meet Angela in Angel’s Awakening, she’s Kissera’s blood donor and […]