Yearly Archives: 2015

#ThisIsHowINovel: Chasing Trends

It’s harder than ever out there for us indie authors. Readers tastes change faster than Fox can cancel a sci-fi show. (Yeah, I’m still bitter about Almost Human) I’m still scratching my head over how the stepbrother romance trend blew up. Biker romance I get. Someone marathoned the entire Sons of Anarchy series during a long weekend and got inspired. It doesn’t matter if I get it or not though. They tapped into something readers wanted. More power and money […]

#ThisIsHowINovel: Writing the sequel

It feels like I’ve been working on Blood Awakening forever. Originally this was going to be the first book in the Awakening series. Years ago, I wrote a good three quarters of the novel, only to realize the story needed an entire overhaul. The original conflict of vampire vs vampire with humans thrown in the middle felt stale. Many top authors in urban fantasy and paranormal romance already had successful series with this premise. I needed to do something different. […]

The Big D

This post started as an email to Mr. Man about a guest on one of his favorite podcasts. Usually Mr. Man gives good suggestions, but I had to bail on this one. Who the players are isn’t important. The conversation turned to mental health and the guest shared his experience being on anti-depressants. He said that he knew he had to stop them when he got some horrible news and didn’t react as much as he thought he should. The […]