Monthly Archives: May 2015

Cute Animal Overload

Mr. Man hangs out on some message board where big, beefy guys and strong, surly women post adorable pictures of cute animals. Most of the time it’s puppies or kittens. Occasionally, there’ll be a sugar glider or hedgehog. The pics are cute, but none grip me for longer than a minute or two. Until I met this loveable lump of pure sugar. I dare you to say no to this face. Dare you!  

Pro Tips 2

I found this post at Romance University and had to share. RU has been around since 2009 aka forever in internet years. They are an excellent resource for those interested in writing in the Romance genre, or using romance tropes in other genre fiction. Over at RU, Kayelle Allen shares tips for promoting your books. Those who self-publish, or contract with small presses will have to do some heavy lifting in the promo department. Make it easier on yourself with […]