#ThisIsHowINovel – Writing Advice

A few days ago I hung out drinking wine with my good friend Ms. Honeyology. I was about to go to Black Comic Book Festival up in Harlem. We talked about Afro-futurism, writing and a ton of other things that are none of y’alls business. She touched a little of what we talked about on her vlog, Coffee Chat. She also has some thoughts about Angel’s Awakening. Watch more Coffee Chat with Ms. Honeyology on tumblr. Enjoy!

The Big D

This post started as an email to Mr. Man about a guest on one of his favorite podcasts. Usually Mr. Man gives good suggestions, but I had to bail on this one. Who the players are isn’t important. The conversation turned to mental health and the guest shared his experience being on anti-depressants. He said that he knew he had to stop them when he got some horrible news and didn’t react as much as he thought he should. The […]

Pro Tips

I first subscribed to The Simple Dollar a few years ago as a much younger woman trying to get her finances in order. Since then, I’ve gotten out of debt, started investing and built a nest egg. It’s not an overnight process, but totally worth it. Being debt free also played into why I decided to self publish. Without the stress of student loans and MasterCard, I had enough money put aside to hire a fantastic editor and cover artist. […]