Paying Lipservice to Diversity

I promised myself I wasn’t gonna be one of those people. I’m gonna be one of those people. It started out harmlessly enough. It’s PitchWars time again and even though I don’t have a MS to submit, I’m interested in which mentors would be a good fit for my style. Out of thirty or so mentors available for the Adult and New Adult categories, a dozen were interested in romance and/or urban fantasy. I also made a note of the […]

Can You Ever Go Back? 2

My personality has two modes. Extreme homebody and party girl. The homebody stays home to cook, clean and do writerly things. The party girl is at the bar at midnight on a Tuesday eating wings and drinking all the whiskey. Something about winter brings out the worst of these extremes. I get into a cycle of not leaving the house for over a week, then going out and getting a little wild. Rinse and repeat. It’s this time of year […]

#ThisIsHowINovel: Writing the sequel

It feels like I’ve been working on Blood Awakening forever. Originally this was going to be the first book in the Awakening series. Years ago, I wrote a good three quarters of the novel, only to realize the story needed an entire overhaul. The original conflict of vampire vs vampire with humans thrown in the middle felt stale. Many top authors in urban fantasy and paranormal romance already had successful series with this premise. I needed to do something different. […]