Other Worlds Sneak Peek

Here it is guys, your first look at Hunter’s Moon Rising, part of the Other Worlds Limited Edition Collection of Paranormal Romance & SciFi Romance. CHAPTER ONE Noelle Briggs signed out a G-ride from the garage, then raced through lower Manhattan toward Brooklyn, violating half a dozen traffic laws before hitting the Manhattan Bridge. There were some benefits to working at the Bureau. A phone call from her son’s school had pulled her away from the buzzing hive of the Counterterrorism […]

In the Beginning – Part One

Azazel’s unwanted visitor refused to leave. As he stretched out his wings to capture more of the late afternoon sun, he saw her waiting patiently by the gate to his villa. Silent and unmoving, she’d been there since dawn. Even without looking at her, Azazel knew she was bet siir. Angels still connected to the Creator radiated power so palatable it made the humans tending his fields nervous. He smiled to himself. Good thing they couldn’t see the wings. A […]

Birth of an Angel 2

Which one should he choose? Remiel rubbed his chin and considered the field of Watchers before him. Every few moments a colorful splash of light sparked within the transparent globes floating through the air. Several dozen broke away from the pack at his telepathic call. The spheres bobbed gently in front of him awaiting instruction. One of them would gain form today, but which one? A tinkle of wings sounded behind him. He turned and smiled. Raguel. “So here’s where […]