#ThisIsHowINovel – Character Family Tree

  For the past two days I’ve been constructing a family tree for one of the main characters in book three. I’d already sketched her background, so I thought I’d fill in a few details and be on to the next project. Silly woman. It’s easy to do background on angels, demons and vampires. There are no rules. You can make up anything. Humans? Not so much. When you first meet Angela in Angel’s Awakening, she’s Kissera’s blood donor and […]

#ThisIsHowINovel – Writing Advice

A few days ago I hung out drinking wine with my good friend Ms. Honeyology. I was about to go to Black Comic Book Festival up in Harlem. We talked about Afro-futurism, writing and a ton of other things that are none of y’alls business. She touched a little of what we talked about on her vlog, Coffee Chat. She also has some thoughts about Angel’s Awakening. Watch more Coffee Chat with Ms. Honeyology on tumblr. Enjoy!

#ThisIsHowINovel: Chasing Trends

It’s harder than ever out there for us indie authors. Readers tastes change faster than Fox can cancel a sci-fi show. (Yeah, I’m still bitter about Almost Human) I’m still scratching my head over how the stepbrother romance trend blew up. Biker romance I get. Someone marathoned the entire Sons of Anarchy series during a long weekend and got inspired. It doesn’t matter if I get it or not though. They tapped into something readers wanted. More power and money […]