Fia’s Story: Bad Kitty Turned Good 6

Three years ago, I was born in an alley behind a chicken joint. My mom disappeared when I was a kitten. It was up to me to take care of my four siblings. We survived on scraps of fried chicken wings and fake mashed potato gravy. The owners hated having us around and would bang on the dumpster to shoo us away.

I lost track of my siblings after starting work at the local bodega as a mouser. The guy behind the counter took a liking to me and fed me ham and turkey slices when his boss wasn’t looking.

One day, some other cats moved in on my spot at the bodega. The fight was fierce. I lost an eye and got thrown in jail. I was there for months. All these other cats in worse shape than me get paroled, but my turn never came. Those were some dark days.

I’d been in for about seven months when this strange lady in a Wonder Woman hoodie came for me. The woman had much better food than the bodega. She liked to play games too. The set up is pretty sweet. Lots of windows and boxes and plants. The woman lives with a man who has the best smelling gym shoes. I like it when he picks me up.

My new life is much better. I even have a new job as liaison between the humans and Fred, the wi-fi disrupting ghost. Life would be perfect if only they did something about that horrible sounding doorbell…and stopped hogging all the chicken wings.

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About Akaria Gale

Akaria Gale lives in Brooklyn with her husband, children and a disgruntled cat. She is a native New Yorker, slow cooker enthusiast, hard cider advocate who occasionally finds time to write about the secret world right underneath our noses. One day she hopes to give winter the middle finger and become a beach bum.

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6 thoughts on “Fia’s Story: Bad Kitty Turned Good

  • Amanda

    I love the story. My own furry babies were abandoned kittens that I got from a friend of my mom’s who was fostering them (they were from separate litters, but you’d never know it from how close they are). I’m always happy to hear another four pawed companion has found their forever home.

    • Akaria Gale Post author

      Your mom’s friend was fostering multiple litters at the same time? The cuteness (and fur) must have been overwhelming!

    • Akaria Gale Post author

      She’s doing great. Although she’s in timeout right now. Too much unnecessary roughness. My ankles are bleeding right now. That latest nibble broke skin!

  • Bonnie Mitchell

    Thats the cutest story I ever read, thank you for sharing it. I can’t wait to forward it to my daughter who absolutely loves cats.