Into The Badlands – the Best Show on Television

Into the Badlands just wrapped up its second season and I can’t believe I hadn’t watched this show sooner. Thanks to a god awful seventh season of the Walking Dead, I didn’t bother fast forwarding through commercial breaks. I just let TWD run as background noise while doing other stuff around the house. Every now and then I’d look up to see a teaser for ITBL. After the fifth or sixth time I decided to see if it was online or on demand. Huzzah! TV prayers answered.

I’ve been hooked since the first episode. The storyline and characters are decent, but what really keeps me coming back for more is the fight scenes. The choreography on these things is amazing. The cinematography, breathtaking. If TVs had smell-o-vision, I’m sure the show would smell as good as it looks.

The showdown between The Widow and her top assassin/daughter, Tilda inspired a scene in an upcoming book. These ladies ARE NOT messing around, yet still bring all the emotion and pain that comes from fighting with those you love the most.

Tell me this isn’t badass?


The scene I created between Noelle and the pack’s alpha is just as fierce, yet there’s a respect between the two that will develop in future stories.

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