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This week I welcome spring with a visit by Barbara White Daille, author of romances full of cowboys, kids and humor.

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Thanks to Akaria for inviting me by today to chat and share Three Things connected to my upcoming contemporary romance series, The Hitching Post Hotel, kicking off on April 1 with The Cowboy’s Little Surprise.

People usually ask where writers get their ideas, and this series began with the initial glimmer of an idea:  a matchmaker wanting to find the perfect mates for three granddaughters.

The Matchmaker

Matchmaking as a profession has been around for centuries in some countries and cultures of the world.  It has morphed into a booming business through Internet dating services.  And in theatre and fiction, matchmakers are popular characters.  They’re especially often found in lighter contemporary romances, which are the type I write.

In this case, the character who spoke to me is a seventy-something rancher who wants to see his three granddaughters married and settled down—preferably within miles of his ranch in Cowboy Creek, New Mexico.

When Jed Garland first appeared to me, I thought, hmm…a meddling grandpa…what could be more fun than that!  And as the hotel on Jed’s ranch is called The Hitching Post, what could be more appropriate.

The Story

Jed Garland also has an unsuspecting groom lined up for each of his equally unsuspicious granddaughters.  He does his level best to bring each couple together to get a spark of interest flying and then to keep them together long enough for those sparks to develop into something more.  Naturally, as these books are romances and the heroes and heroines are in conflict with each other, Jed’s task isn’t as easy as it sounds!

The first book in the series focuses on Jed’s youngest granddaughter and the cowboy who once done her wrong.  It’s a secret baby story, which means the heroine has given birth to the hero’s baby without the hero being aware he has fathered a child.  The news comes as a complete surprise to him and, in this case, to a number of other people in Cowboy Creek.

The Series

No matter the type of story, readers tend to love series.  I know I did even as a child, all the way back to my Encyclopedia Brown and Bobbsey Twins days.

There are so many ways series can be connected, including:  by characters, such as romance with each book focusing on a different hero and heroine or a mystery in which the detective is the central figure in each book.  Or by time period, anywhere from prehistoric days to the Regency period to somewhere in a far distant future.  Books can also be tied together by setting, whether that’s on a submarine, in a small town, or on a planet in a yet-to-be discovered galaxy.

The Hitching Post Hotel series is connected by family, the town, and of course, the hotel.  The series begins with Jed bringing his family together to help him revitalize the Hitching Post, which once specialized in weddings.

The hotel is set in a small—very small—New Mexico town, and as in many close-knit communities, everyone seems to be involved in everyone else’s business.  This makes life frustrating for the heroes and heroines and the books fun for me to write—and, I hope, for readers to read!

Barbara White DailleBarbara White Daille lives with her husband in the sunny Southwest.  Though they love the warm winters and the lizards in their front yard, they haven’t gotten used to the scorpions in the bathroom.

Barbara’s thrilled to share news about the debut of a brand-new series, The Hitching Post Hotel, about a matchmaking grandpa determined to see his three granddaughters wed.  The series begins in April 2015 with The Cowboy’s Little Surprise, followed by A Rancher of Her Own in July and a third as-yet-untitled book in December.

She would love to have you drop by her website and to
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The Cowboy’s Little Surprise – Barbara White Daille – April 2015


A guy like Cole Slater is hard to forget. Tina Sanchez should know—for years since high school she’s tried to bury the pain of Cole’s cruel betrayal. But it’s impossible to ignore the man sheThe Cowboy's Little Surprise sees reflected in her young son’s eyes now that Cole is back in her life—and about to meet the child he never knew he had.

Returning home to New Mexico, Cole is determined to put his playboy reputation to rest. Especially now that he knows there’s a little boy looking up to him. And seeing Tina again reignites all the feelings Cole ran from as a teen. Despite his fear that he can’t be the man Tina deserves, he’s determined to try. For his son’s sake—and his own.



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