Three Things Thursday #3


Welcome back to Three Things Thursday! Today I talk about three podcasts that make me laugh, offer interesting facts for research and give me that WTF moment of the day.

Double Toasted

My husband introduced me to these guys a few years ago. For years they hosted an entertainment podcast that focused on movie reviews with a lot of trash talk in between. The old site shut down and in early 2014 they ran a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, resurrecting themselves as Double Toasted. Korey Coleman returns as the crazy one. Martin “No Fro” Thomas joins him again as the straight man. Tommy McGrew-FACEBOOK is the new guy on staff as well as his ever-present weed cloud, “Mr. Robinson.”

These guys have kept me laughing for hours with their banter, reviews, random news items and occasional flashes of heart and insight. They’re like the brothers I never had, and I listen to them every day.


Their tagline is: “A marital guide through misguided medicine.” They aren’t lying. Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin have tackled over 70 topics of how we used to treat what ailed us in the olden days. Those of you who say you wish you lived back in XYZ time period? You’ll change your mind after listening to a couple of episodes of Sawbones. From cholera to baldness to the goat testicle solution, I’ve found Dr. Sydnee’s information about ancient solutions to medical problems invaluable. When you write people who’ve been alive for hundreds of years, the factoids from Sawbones reminds me how to keep the characters real. It’s not all serious business though. To lighten things up, Justin provides enough humor to make the half hour fly by.

Caustic Soda

If you’ve listened to all the Sawbones episodes and are ready to up the ante on your crazy, Canadian hosts Kevin Leeson, Toren Atkinson and Joe Fulgham will suit you just fine.  They’ve been doing this for a long time and the list of topics will keep you entertained for weeks. There are some I refuse to listen to, like the recent spider episodes. Others, I keep coming back to again and again. The Perfect Murder and Doomed Expeditions episodes are some of my favorites. The guys give me the perfect balance of humor and information, providing tons of fodder for future stories.

Got a favorite podcast you think I’d like? Don’t be shy! Give them a shout out in the comments.

***DISCLAIMER: No one from Double Toasted, Sawbones or Caustic Soda paid me to talk about them. I just like their work!



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