Three Things Thursday #7 – Women in Horror


Hey guys! Bet you thought I forgot about you. Not a chance! February is Women in Horror Month and this week it’s time to give some love to three horror movies directed by women.

Sylvia & Jen Soska – American Mary

These Canadian twin sisters are a twisted force to be reckoned with. American Mary is my first Soska sisters movie and I can’t wait for more. In American Mary, a broke surgical student stumbles into the dark world of extreme body modification. She’s part hero, part villain and all around engaging to watch. The Soska sisters have a piece in the ABCs of Death 2 and XX, an anthology featuring all women directors. The sisters are still young. I’m sure they’ve got a lot more sick tales brewing in their heads. I’ll be there, popcorn in hand.

Jennifer Kent – The Babadook

This was THE horror movie of 2014. It starts out pretty standard. Single mom is pushed to the edge of sanity by her out of control son. Just when you think you’ve figured out the end, Kent changes things up. It becomes unclear who, if anyone, to root for. The Babadook is a bedtime story only the Addams family could love.

Generally, I hate kids in horror movies because directors can never convince me that the kid is really in any danger. It’s like children have some invisible plot shield that keeps them from dying. (Yeah, I’m talking to you The Collector.) Kent is an Australian, the country where everything, everywhere, will kill you. Maybe it’s that cultural difference that makes The Babadook more sinister and creepy than any movie with a kid in it that I’ve seen recently.

Jennifer Chambers Lynch – Chained

I didn’t know Lynch was the same director that brought us the overly arty and thoroughly boring Boxing Helena back in the 90s. It seems like she ditched the art house bullshit and toned it down. A lot. With Chained, we’ve still got a story of someone held by a creep against their will. This time it’s a young boy kidnapped by a serial killer. Rabbit, the boy, develops the ultimate Stockholm Syndrome and forms a bizarre, yet all too real, father-son relationship with the serial killer.

Chained is more of a mind fuck suspense movie than straight up horror. I enjoyed it a lot and Lynch is on my radar for movies that blend character development and creep factor.

It’s time to kick back with some other horror movies with female directors I didn’t mention here. Got any suggestions? I got plenty of popcorn!

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